SEO for Video Production

How does YouTube SEO work?

SEO for YouTube videos works in a similar way to conventional search engine optimization: There are certain algorithms and parameters that determine the visibility of the videos. Unlike Google, however, these ranking factors mostly relate to the videos and the platform itself. Google keeps a low profile on these factors. However, some assumptions can be made about ranking factors.

The most important ranking factors for YouTube SEO

Broadly, they fall into three categories: video, channel, and engagement factors. When it comes to video factors, the title, description, keywords, transcription, content, quality, thumbnails and file name are particularly important. When it comes to channels , video frequency and channel maintenance play a major role. In addition, the engagement factors include aspects such as views, viewing time, likes, shares and playlists. SEO Predrag introduces you to the most important ranking factors and gives you tips for optimization.

Video Optimization

Content and quality

Any optimization is of no use to you if the users become aware of your videos and click on them, but then do not find the expected content or poor video quality. The first seconds are crucial here. So be sure to pay attention to these two aspects first before you continue to optimize your channel and videos.

Keywords on YouTube

Keyword tags on YouTube help the algorithm to understand the content of your video and play a big role in video rating. They are not displayed publicly, but can be read in the source code.

SEO Predrag tip: Select around 15 tags per video

Make sure to use the main and relevant additional keywords. Use plural variants and synonyms for important keywords. When making your selection, make sure to use a mixture of generic and specific terms; brand tags can also be included. Create standard tags that are relevant to your channel, such as: your brand name, location, services. These channel keywords should be featured in every video on your channel as they help YouTube show your channel’s among the other recommended videos.

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